Beat the Heat for summer safety, swaying way for good health
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Mar-2018

New Delhi, March 13: Leaving for work on a bright sunny day, definitely gives a good start for the day. But this good start eventually turns out to be bad when the scorching heat pinches us leading towards worse health problems. It's indeed getting too warm this summer!

India has been scorched by a heat wave in recent weeks that has claimed hundreds of lives and sent Indians scrabbling for any available shade.This year the heat in India has been ought to be considered as one of the hottest summer season. Though India is a fast-growing economy still it’s impossible to give access to cooler to 12billion people.

Moving out in summer is like a nightmare for most of the people as the heat waves enroll in the body worsening health conditions. It is important and crucial for us to keep ourselves hydrated and eat healthy so as to avoid the ill effects affecting the human body. At times we even come across people getting heatstroke.

The scorching sun has covered the entire nation setting the temperature high. Advising a good health and take undue care of you, here is a list of Do’s and Don’t’s that Newsbharati intends to bring forward.



Use ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution), homemade drinks like lassi, torani (rice water), lemon water, buttermilk, etc. to keep yourself hydrated.


Saving self from heat wave and cover your head by using a cloth, hat or umbrella, googles, protective shoes and slippers while going out in the sun.

Clothes also play a crucial part during summer. Wear lightweight, light-coloured, loose, cotton clothes will be very helpful; the sun rays however do not sustain heat in light coloured clothes.

Water is very essential for the body. Water intake is vital and therefore even if you don’t feel thirsty drink water to be hydrated.


Keep your home cool, use curtains, shutters or sunshade and open windows at night. Try to remain on lower floors. Sprinkle water in your gallery or house veranda, to keep the plot cool.

Use of Fan and damp clothing can also be useful for keeping yourself cool.


Avoid cooking during peak hours. Keeping doors and windows open for ventilation can be quite helpful also for cooking area.

Avoid going out in the sun, especially between 12.00 noon and 3.00 p.m.


Avoid alcohol, tea, coffee and carbonated soft drinks, which dehydrates the body.

Caution workers to avoid direct sunlight.


Avoid high-protein food and do not eat stale food.

Do not leave children or pets in parked vehicles, as they may get affected by heat wave

In last few years Indians are experiencing a bad heat wave. A study by environmental scientists has shown 146% increase in the probability of heat-related mortality events. In addition to India, populations in other developing countries in low- to mid-latitude regions are especially hard-hit by these extreme heat events. The impact of global climate change is badly affecting this tropical sub-continent. Compared to previous 50 years, India is now 2½ times more likely to experience a deadly heat.