Maintain peace and be calm; we will monitor the situation closely: Maldives Police
 Source : NewsBharati  Date : 13-Feb-2018

Male, February 13: Maldivian Police (MPS) and Defense Forces (MNDF) has appealed the citizens to maintain peace and also to be calm across the Maldives. The current situation has to be handled with peace says the MPS and MNDF.

While conducting a press conference they said: “We will closely monitor any Incitements towards Unrest.” They have also appealed to the public to ignore any incitement towards causing unrest at this time.

Citing intelligence reports of incitement to unrest, the security forces maintained that they would be closely monitoring any such attempts to move beyond peaceful protest and threaten the public peace.

While investigations are ongoing on the recent incidents, the security forces assured the public of swift and decisive action in any instance of incitement to violence.

The Maldives has been facing unrest for many days. Recently Supreme Court of Maldives had ordered the release of former President Mohamed Nasheed and eight others who were jailed on the grounds of terrorism. But the President Yameen refused to abide the orders of SC. Following this President Yameen also declared an emergency in the country. And also the Presidency sent special envoys to some countries to give the updates about the situation.

This all made the Maldives suffer politically and economically too as tourism has been affected plus the investments have also decreased.