Read Japan's latest moves regarding North Korea issue
 Source : News Bharati English  Date : 23-May-2017

Tokyo, May 23: Amidst the increasing tension, North Korea again conducted a successful ballistic missile launch on last Sunday. Japan already has a controversial diplomatic relation with North Korea and now the situation is indicating a worse relation between the nations.  To face these growing regional issues related to North Korea, Japan government has taken some steps in last two day.

Coast guard’s drill in Tokyo bay:

Japan has conducted an exercise to increase their military power. The situation demands a stronger military force. Japan’s coast guard conducted a drill in Tokyo bay. They exercised the drill with 15 vessels and 4 aircraft. During the exercise, rescue and anti-terror operations were practiced.

A new radio program for abductees in North Korea:

Japan Government took a very intelligent decision, to broadcast a new radio program as a part of Radio Free Asia, for the Japanese nationals who were abducted by North Korea. Japan Government believes most of the abducted are still there in North Korea, so they started with an aim to convey the message to the abductees. The idea of such a unique radio show was prompted by the information that, RFA has a huge listener in North Korea.

From 1977-1983, North Korea has abducted many Japan citizens. Although in Japan Government has recognized only 17 people, but they believe that there may be a hundred of citizens were abducted. Later North Korea Officially admitted to abducting 13 Japanese citizens. Later in 2002, North Korean leader Kim-Jong-il realized to keep a peaceful relationship with Japan and issued an oral apology. In October 2002, North Korea allowed five victims to return their home, Japan. Still, there are a number of abducted Japanese citizens are in North Korea.

Titled “Anata ga Inai Aida ni” (While you have been away), the new radio program was jointly produced with RFA, which has a base in Seoul. It airs late every Saturday night for about 15 minutes. The program consists of interviews with the family and friends of the abductees, accompanied by a dubbed version in the Korean language. Although, the government’s Headquarters for the Abduction Issue has been airing another shortwave radio program for abduction victims called “Furusato no Kaze” (Winds of home) since 2007, but these interviews are more touchy and powerful than previous formats.

A source in the Japanese government said, “I hope [the new broadcast] will result in the return of the abduction victims as soon as possible.” Japan Government hopes the message in the program will be conveyed to the North Korean leader Kim-Jong-Un, the chairman of workers’ Party.

The Governments’ headquarter for Abduction Cases, asked RFA for a help in this case. Now intelligently they had figured out a unique radio program, which will not only increase the opportunity of bringing back the abductees but also, it will show the power of media by creating a political pressure on North Korea.